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Greensboro Roof Repair; What Happens After a Damaging Storm?

The hours following the passage of a storm may be worrisome for homeowners. Along with providing refuge for their family, they must ensure that storm damage rehabilitation occurs as quickly as feasible. As an established Greensboro roof repair firm, here are some things to anticipate during storm damage restoration.

Following the Storm

If you had emergency roofing installed during the storm, you’ve already taken a critical step in repairing your house. If not, the first person you should contact is your roofer. Your storm damage contractor will contact you as soon as the weather clears to check the state of your roof and other areas of your property that may require repair.

You will need to contact your insurance carrier at some time to commence your insurance claim. The sooner this is completed, the more quickly your claim will be handled. In an ideal world, your roof repair contractor would accompany the insurance agent to assist you in maximizing the value of your claim. Once your claim is validated, you will get two checks: one for the down payment and another for the remaining balance after deductibles.

Throughout the Greensboro Roof Repair Process

Regardless of the magnitude of the repairs, staying at home is not suggested for some types of homeowners. Noise will emanate from every direction; roofers will be installing new shingles, compressors will be working, and personnel will be traveling back and forth through your property. All of these factors can be distressing for children and dogs, and it is recommended that they remain with relatives or at a local hotel while the restoration process is underway.

After The Greensboro Roof Repair Process

Following repair, building debris must be cleared from your property. Professional roofing contractors often include removal as part of the installation, but you may also hire a disposal company to do it independently. Following that, your roofer may do a final inspection and need you to sign the warranty papers.

5 Star Roofing is your best choice for storm damage and exterior renovations. Give our team of expert specialists a call now at (336) 780-7800 and allow us to demonstrate the type of excellent outcomes that have helped us establish ourselves as a leader in storm damage restoration.


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