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Tips from a Roofer in Kernersville: 3 Types of Roof Damage

Severe storms are frequently to blame for roof damage. Employing a qualified Kernersville roofer is essential when a roofing system is damaged by a storm. 5 Star Roofing can assist in repairing your roof to its pre-damage state if it has been harmed by any type of roof storm damage that can occur in North Carolina.

A dependable Kernersville roofing contractor, 5 Star Roofing offers installation, maintenance, and repairs for roofs all around the Triad. Our local roofing experts have knowledge of all elements of roofing materials and applications, and our roofing firm is completely licensed and insured.

A roofing system can suffer damage from harsh weather, such as heavy winds or hail, in addition to usual wear and tear. A broken roof might jeopardize the inside and structure of your house. The first step in making sure that your roof receives prompt treatment is to become aware of the many forms of roof storm damage that might impact it.

The 3 Main Types of Roof Storm Damage in Kernersville, North Carolina

Hail Damage

North Carolina has had its fair share of severe hailstorms throughout the years. Hail damage can impact your siding and gutters in addition to your roof. Hail damage to a roof might be difficult to see, but loose granules on the ground and black stains on the roof are reliable signs.

The best course of action following a hailstorm is to hire a roofing contractor to evaluate your roof. An expert Kernersville roofer will know precisely what to look for and can swiftly and effectively repair the damages.

Water Damage

Similar to how hail may harm a roofing system, heavy rainfall can. Water damage may weaken shingles and cause weak areas in them. Water can enter a house through weak points in a roof, fractures, loose vent seams, or broken flashing. Water leaks can result in mold, mildew, and water stains on the ceiling.

It’s crucial to work with a roofer if you see any indications of water leakage. Neglecting water damage can result in interior and structural damage, which will require expensive repairs.

Wind Damage

A roof can become compromised by wind damage for a number of reasons. Tree limbs that fall from the sky and missing shingles are typically the results of strong winds. A yearly roof inspection is the best approach to prevent and/or repair wind damage. A thorough roof inspection will reveal shingles and other roofing component issues.

When there is a lot of wind, overhanging tree limbs can cause scratches and holes on a roof’s surface. Tree branches that hang over the roof should be kept pruned to reduce damage in cases of heavy winds.

The Kernersville Roofer to Call is 5 Star Roofing

Contact 5 Star Roofing if you own a home in Kernersville and your roof has been harmed by hail, wind, or water. We’ll conduct a thorough roof examination and provide rational options to return your roof to perfect condition. When it comes to storm damage, the roofers at 5 Star Roofing nail it, whether it’s roof upkeep, roof repairs, or a full roof replacement!


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